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Category: Residential Gyms, Spas and Bars
02 Mar

What’s important for buyers when choosing a new home? And what should developers include to get a good return on investment?

Developers find that building a development with the upmost remarkable residential amenities, subsequently entices more demand and as a result, viewings. Currently, it is evident that there is competition in providing the latest and most exhilarating residential amenities among developments – we have taken a closer insight to some residential amenities and look why developers..

04 Jan

Testing The Potential Success Of Your Concept With Expert Consultants

At Zasbi we understand the needs of clients and what will be required to deliver your project successfully. As part of our bespoke consultancy packages we see how feasible each aspect of your development is. So, if you’re thinking, residential gym and spa or a residential cinema, we will work out the project feasibility. Our feasibility studies test your project’s potential for success;..

27 Dec

The Rise Of Virtual Fitness

Virtual Fitness. It’s the phrase on everyone’s lips, with 2019 to be an epic year for virtual classes. But does this mean that the days of live classes are numbered? And how can your development maximise service whilst getting the balance right? Better virtual experiences will mean live class instructors will need to raise standards..

27 Nov

Zasbi Consultancy and Management at SIBEC Europe 2018

Earlier this month Zasbi attended the annual SIBEC Europe Event which was held in the exotic Marrakech. The event brought together Europe’s leading operators and suppliers in the Health, Lifestyle and Fitness market. The location, being in Morocco, only served to create the best possible working environment. This event allowed us to meet with a..

11 Sep

2018 Health and Fitness Trends

Health and fitness industries continue to grow rapidly throughout the City. Therefore, it comes with no surprise that the convenience of being able to fulfil this lifestyle without having to leave the comfort of your home is more appealing than ever. Fitness facilities within a residential building presents an exclusivity amongst its residents, while adding..

28 Aug

Why Residential Clients Choose Zasbi Management

There are many reasons why Residential clients choose Zasbi Management. The most significant of these reasons being that, Our clients want to see a significant return on the investment that they have put into their building. We achieve this by increasing usage and interactions. Residential Experience. What clients want is a successful service. For this,..