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02 Mar

What’s important for buyers when choosing a new home? And what should developers include to get a good return on investment?

Developers find that building a development with the upmost remarkable residential amenities, subsequently entices more demand and as a result, viewings. Currently, it is evident that there is competition in providing the latest and most exhilarating residential amenities among developments – we have taken a closer insight to some residential amenities and look why developers..

01 May

Beauty at my fingertips

As someone who works a lot of hours in the week and sometimes doesn’t get the time to relax or book myself in for my beauty treatments, I find there is nothing more convenient for someone than having an onsite team of beauticians ready for you whenever you get home or last minute when you’re..

16 Apr
Residential Screening Room

Why residents love amenities, when they work

Private screening room, luxury spa, games lounge, business centre, rooftop bar, private bowling alley and sports simulator: one could be forgiven for mistaking this list as one for amenities at a five-star hotel. In fact these are some of the perks on offer to residents purchasing during the amenities arms race developers find themselves in...

16 Apr

But first Coffee…

Is the first thing you will hear me say in the morning, I relish in those first few moments I have to myself, I plan my day and look at my lists. I never truly understood meaning of the importance of a good start to the day until I noticed my lists were never really..