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Residential Bars
Residential Bars and Lounges

‘We create sustainable residential bars and lounges’

Exclusive residential bars and lounges are costly additions to your service charge account. We, at Zasbi, have developed a proven model which allows residents to enjoy cost effective services.

We are committed to developing a portfolio that caters for every demographic within your development. Your development, with only our proven formula, will meet the requirements of todays property purchaser.

Zasbis team are completely trained in health and safety, ensuring that all food hygiene standards are met. Your residential bars and lounges will provide a wealth of exciting and varied, high-quality food and drink options. Our dedicated team will manage events and exclusive wine clubs that demonstrate what additional value Zasbi can add to engage and entertain its residents.

Our customer-built payment and ordering system allows the user maximum ease and flexibility. Moreover, our comprehensive customised reporting system provides you with in depth financial reports. This ensures performance is continuously monitored and improved; our 24th floor sky bar is an example. By monitoring particulars and implementing our tried and tested model, we increased sales by 137.5%. Therefore, securing its future while also reducing the reliability on the service charge account. A welcome benefit to all its users and residents.

Where Zasbi Adds Value

Technology and Data Matters

We have built our own reporting system. Giving us and our clients an overview of operations in real time.

Forecasting and Planning Is Key

The data we report on is key for planning the future of the service, ensure efficiency is at its maximum.

The Culture Zasbi Lives

Everything we do stems from our culture and our core values. Our management and teams live and breath it.