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Gyms & Fitness Suites

Flexible and Bespoke Residential & PRS Management

The ordinary high street gym costs on average at least £50.00 per month. The inclusion of a bespoke, residents unmanned gym typically adds just £8 per apartment per month to the service charge – a more competitive cost.

With a wealth of experience in the industry, Zasbi is fast becoming the market leader in PRS and Residential Management of in-house manned and unmanned gyms, spas and amenities. We have invested in developing residential gym & spa management models, that ensure service excellence is consistently achieved. We have a vast resource of qualified personal trainers, massage and beauty therapists, spa assistants and maintenance staff. Meaning that we can fully staff your facility as well as manage the running of all assets. Fitness and facility inductions, personalised exercise programmes, workout challenges, personal training services and master classes are just some of the additional services provided by us.

Once Zasbi launch your new facility, a team of Zasbi staff will be there to educate and demonstrate how to get the most out of the equipment. We offer a wide range of fitness services and are bespoke to each facility depending on the demand of its users.