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Pools and Wellness Rooms

The Complete Spa Solution

Zasbis knowledge of consultancy, supply, installation and management of bespoke residential swimming pools, spa, sauna & steam experiences, is what gives us the market edge for the residential sector. These experiences complete residents journey through their developments amenities. This allows users to take time out from day-to-day stresses and rejuvenate.

There are many features to consider as a part of the branded experience including spas, snow-rooms, mud-rooms or salt-rooms. Steam, and steam rooms are also renowned for their wellness benefits, including reducing stress levels, relaxing muscles and improving blood flow.

Our fully managed residential pools and wellness rooms are fully compliant with HSG179. Our staff are fully trained in all procedures, risk assessments and COSHH documentation. All our processes have been specially designed by us to ensure all operations are effectively and efficiently run.

Everyone at Zasbi are meticulously committed to ongoing training and development. This is how we ensure any member of staff responsible for managing your residential amenities is qualified to the highest standard. Training includes RLSS Emergency response, First Aid, AED, and pool operations. Meaning that the residents minds can rest at ease knowing their residential pool and wellness rooms remain fully compliant, safe and professional

Residential Pools and Wellness Rooms

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