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Signature Days & Retreats

We uncover the most tranquil of locations to deliver a deeply relaxing experience that allows you to immerse yourself in our experiences. Our days are holistic in that they are all about your well-being – that’s mind, body and Soul, that cater for all. You’ll spend a day with a qualified instructor who will lead you through each session.

So, whether you’re bringing a friend, loved one or coming solo, the days are an excellent way for you to explore mindfulness, Yoga and relaxation in a friendly and welcoming environment.

To find out more and book your days email concierge@zasbi.com

Travel Experiences

Now your travel experience will be even more memorable because of the enhancements our luxury travel Concierge can arrange. Whether you’d like to reserve a table at a Michelin-star restaurant or book a relaxing massage at your chosen resort, our travel concierge team will organise everything to your exacting requirements.

Our Concierge team pride themselves on being able to use their extensive contacts and experience to arrange the kind of extras that other tour operators can’t. So, if you want a sunset helicopter ride to pop the question or a simple cruise around the coast, then simply ask; they’ll do their utmost to ensure you enjoy the ‘holiday of a lifetime’ every time you travel with us..


Wellbeing Villas & Hotels

Email Concierge@zasbi.com

Spa Selection

Email Concierge@zasbi.com

Wellbeing Cruise

Email Concierge@zasbi.com

Couple Wellness

Email Concierge@zasbi.com

Alpine Wellness

Email Concierge@zasbi.com

Corporate Wellness

Email Concierge@zasbi.com